Nicola Pryer

Home Town: Brightlingsea

Instagram: Snowboardfairy

About: C25k started in 2017 as I had a small child that didn’t sleepso decided to go out at 0430/0500 for some me time!. Got the running bug soon after!
First half marathon in 2018
Brighton Marathon 2019 and a 100k walk
Few virtual courses with Girls the world (5k and 10k programs) and yoga trail running weekends. (Really like guided runs)
Trained for ultra in 2021, Injured (fell down a rabbit hole three weeks out)
Run once  a week with a running club since September 2021.

Love trails, but end up on road on my own through winter, then usually run with someone for longer weekend run but they are injured for the foreseeable so need a winter plan!  Messed around last winter with a 19 mile guided run in the downs and similar 6hr timed loop events. Am currently enjoying a trail self navigation series that happens every year each run circa 6 miles pending getting lost!!  Am motivated but as miles go up much prefer company!


October 5, 2022