In Partnership with Kings Forest CaniCross


We have teamed up with Kings Forest CaniCross to deliver this exciting new CaniCross to your race diary.


Our beautiful 5k trail route will take you through the depths of Thetford Forest on a variety of wide, grassy / forest, traffic free trails, making them ideal races to be enjoyed by both dog and owner!


What’s Included?

  • CaniCross Only
  • Race Timing
  • Trophy for First Male / Female 
  • Water Stations on route for dogs
  • Well signed idyllic 5K route
  • Finisher Medal
  • Photography from Basil Thornton
  • One & Two Dog Category
  • Age Group Categories (Under 40 | 40+ )



Date: Saturday 17th February 2024

Registration: 8:15am – 9:45am

Race Brief:  08:55am

Start Time: 9:00am – Staggered start.

Race Start Location: High Lodge, Thetford Forest, Brandon, IP27 0AF



Human Age Limit: Open. Under 14’s must be accompanied by an adult.

Dog Age Limit: 12 months +

Personal CaniCross Insurance – Our insurance policy does not cover bites or injury caused by your dog so please ensure you have the appropriate CaniCross insurance.


Essential KIT: (Kit will be checked at registration)

  • Correct Fitting Harness
  • Bungee Leash
  • Waist Belt
  • Quick Release Snap Hook (Preferred)

For more information on kit please visit


Race Queries to Race Director: Sarah Connell 07765772862


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Cupless Race:

Please note this is a cupless race. Fresh drinking water will be available for you to refill your bottles at the start / finish but no cups will be provided. This is to reduce single use waste.



The registration desk at the race start will be open from 08:15 am where race numbers should be collected up until 08:45am. Please note race numbers will not be sent out in the post prior to the event.

Please allow sufficient time to collect and attach your bib prior to your run.


Medical Support

Qualified First Aiders will be on hand at the race head quarters to assist with any emergency injuries. The organisation will not be held responsible for any injury, accident, loss or damage that may arise before, during or after the event as a consequence of a competitor’s participation in the race.

Event Insurance provided by 





1a. Dogs must be a minimum of 12 months old on the day of the race to enter.
1b. Dogs must be kept on the lead at all times prior, during, and post the race.
1c. For your dog’s comfort and safety they must be run in a well fitting, suitable harness and be attached to their handler by a line containing some bungee to act as a shock absorber. These lines must not be longer that 2 metres when fully extended and an appropriate Cani-Cross belt is required for handlers.
1d. Equipment will be checked at registration.
1e. If a muzzle is required it should be the open basket type, through which dogs can pant, drink and take treats.
1f. All handlers must clear up after your dog even when racing. There will be bin liners to deposit your dog’s deposits at the start and with the Marshalls on course.
1g. Runners are not allowed to wear shoes that could be dangerous for dogs. Shoes with metal spikes are strictly forbidden. Trail shoes with good grip are recommended.
1h. The course is of cross-country type, so the terrain will be at times uneven and there will be roots, mud, fallen branches, stones etc. Runners should be aware of this and run their race according to the conditions and accept that there are potential risks involved in taking on a Cross- Country type of course. The Race Organisers will make runners aware of any major hazards at the race briefing.
1I. Whilst Race Organisers will make every effort to provide water on site and at Marshall points, participants are ultimately responsible for providing water for their dogs and themselves at all times.
1j. No pregnant or nursing bitches are allowed to compete. Bitches that are/will be in season will unfortunately not be allowed to race.
1k. Dogs should not be brought to the event if they are coughing, unwell, or have recently been in contact with infectious disease. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure their dog is fit and healthy before racing. If in doubt consult your vet before arrival.


It is presumed that you are running with your own dog. If you borrow a dog to race with you should be familiar with each other, have trained together prior to the race and the handler should be aware of the dogs behaviour in a race environment and be responsible for its care throughout the event. You will not be permitted to race with a borrowed dog that you have only just met. You must also ensure the dog has adequate insurance and have the permission of the owner.


Please listen to the race briefing and Marshall’s instructions. No dogs to be present at the race briefing in order that everyone can clearly hear safety instructions.

4a. Cani-Crossers must do their utmost to ensure that their dogs do not interfere with other runners or dogs. If a Race Marshal determines that a handler’s conduct at any time in the race area or on the trail is detrimental to the sport/race, that runner shall be disqualified. This includes prior to, during, and after the event. Abuse of dogs, both physical and verbal is prohibited. If a handler, in the opinion of the Race Marshal abuses a dog, that runner will be disqualified.
4b. We do not have exclusive rights to the forest and members of the public will most likely be present, so please respect and be polite to all other forest users.
4c. If a dog becomes unfit or refuses to advance for any reason, the Competitor is not permitted to finish the race. They must remain where they are and wait to be picked up by the event sweeper and advise a marshal as soon as possible if the dog is need of urgent attention.
4d. When overtaking the advancing Cani-Crosser must shout to warn the runner in front of their intentions, i.e. ‘coming through’ ideally stating which side they intend to pass. The Cani-Crosser who is being overtaken must assume responsibility to ensure that their dogs are to one side of the track and do not interfere with the runner going past.
(For those with dogs who are worried by other dogs we will be operating a ‘Yellow Dog’ scheme, i.e. those with such dogs will wear a yellow ribbon/armband to warn others and therefore ensure they are given the space they need. This is especially important at the start of the race when adrenalin is running high).
4e. There will be an on call vet whose name, phone number, address, postcode and directions from the race venue to the vets will be displayed at the registration point. Competitors should familiarise themselves with this information on arrival at the event.
4f. All Cani-crossers should show their fellow Competitors and their dogs respect at all
times. Additionally, if a runner or a dog is in distress, ALL competitors have a duty to assist if reasonably and safely able to do so.
4g. The use of personal stereos, MP3 players or any electronic device with headphones etc that impairs the ability to hear Marshals or other runners is strictly forbidden. Anyone using such a device will be asked to refrain immediately or be disqualified.


The Owner of a dog is required for the race to have liability insurance (or family insurance) for any damages that their dog may commit. The Owner of a dog is the person named as such in the dog’s vaccination book and/or official paperwork. The Owner must ensure that the animal is owned (cared for) in accordance with the law.


Registration will be from 8.15 am on the morning of the race


Prize giving will take place for all classes as soon as possible after the last runner has completed the course and the official racing is over. It will not be possible to give any prizes before prize giving, nor to mail them out after the event, however we do hope to be on time with prize giving and for there not to be too long of a delay.

8a. The race will be over a distance of approximately 5k (short course) or 10k (long course).
The temperature is an important consideration when racing and it is essential to respect the welfare of the dogs and to adapt to their pace. Handlers must allow their dog to drink at the water points and to use the water points to cool down.
8b. The Race Organiser will provide water around the course at the Marshall points where practical, though it is the Competitors responsibility to ensure their dog is adequately hydrated. If you do stop, please stop to the side of the racing course and ensure you do not obstruct other Competitors.
8c. In case of extreme cold, adverse weather conditions (deep snow, ice) or for any reason that the course may prove unsuitable for racing, the race organisers with hold the right to cancel the event at short notice.


All Runners should ensure they have 3rd party liability for themselves and their dogs and accept the risks associated with running Cross Country.


Race One, Race Two