Matthew West

Home Town: Ipswich

Instagram: MPW1234


About: Been running for a few years on and off but lockdown got me interested again.  A friend who is a great runner puts together weekly plans for me, and that accountability means that for the most part of 2021 i stuck to it and got more and more into it.   Primarily i run to stay fit and healthy (and sane) and secondly, it’s always nice to feel faster and to hit a specific goal.  Last year I aimed to get back under 20Mins for the 5KM, and achieved that – so am looking for more challenges and different types of events to keep me going.

I lost a bit of motivation when the clocks changed last year, but am getting back into things and have started a new plan and am starting to run with my black labrador, Gus,  As we hopefully move past the ofid restrictions, i’m looking for a more social side to running in 2022.

Oliver Ricote

Home Town:  Bury st Edmunds

Instagram: Honestmobility

Strava Ollie ricote

About: Running since Covid or from it. Bored of pavement looking to nature. One marathon down and I have the bug!

Helen Mullins

Home Town: Norwich


I have been running for a few years, mainly shorter distances.
Having recently completed my first road marathon, I now want to venture into ultra running on the trails. The slower pace, the amazing scenery, great community, oh and the food await


Instagram @helsmullins


Vilma Vensloviene

Home Town: Thetford

Instagram: vilmavensloviene


About: I started running at the beginning of 2020, before the first lockdown. I have been running regularly since. I enjoy the freedom running gives me, new friendships that came through running and the feeling of strength and accomplishment that comes after.

Alys Bryan

Home Town: Chichester
Instagram: @runningpastforty
About: I am originally from Sheffield and now live in Chichester on the South Coast with my husband and 2 children. My fitness journey started in August 2020, exactly a year before my 40th birthday, with Couch to 5k which I wasnt expecting to enjoy. I loved it!
Discovering running has not only considerably improved my fitness but has also aided in stabilizing my metal health as our family has navigated the Covid crisis.
I recently ran a 10k race and having thought that road running was my preference I have found real joy in trail running. I have committed to a 50k trail race in June 2022, the real work begins now!

Lucy Nixon

Home Town: Kirby Cross

About: I started running when my daughter turned 2, I wanted to get fitter & have some me time. That was 2 years ago & I enjoy getting out, having some space & keeping active.

Katie Kew

Home Town: Bury St. Edmunds

About: I started running 3 years ago after a friend encouraged me. I’d had previous foot surgery and was anxious about aggravating this or causing damage. Running allowed me to take exercise at my own pace and without high gym costs. It allowed me to work around my NHS shifts and to get outside more. I hated the first few runs and still find running a struggle at times, but the feeling after a run is amazing. I love running with friends or in a group. I don’t do much distance but I would like to improve.

Instagram: katielkew
Strava Katie Kew: –

Roy williams

Home Town: Holland on sea

About: School teacher when I was 11 now coming up to 70 , love runners mindset